“Making the Customer Happy”

Hi all,

My name is Priel B., manager of Empire Rug Cleaning as a whole and a dedicated representative of what i believe to be the best way to go about business in the field of home-carpet/rug cleaning and installation (along with the many other services we provide.) As i was relaxing after a hard days work and doing our best to make each and every customer of our happy as possible, i figured hey, why not express my thoughts directly to our clients through written word.

So, as many of you know, Empire Rug Cleaning is a family owned and operated business. This allows us to develop a much more personal relationship with our clients, a privilege we value greatly, giving us the honor of getting to know each and every customer to the point where we find at the end of each day we have gained a number of friends as well as patrons of our business. We encourage our clients to have a family feel while partaking in any of the service we offer because we’ve found that this makes the customer the happiest possible after finishing up an appointment with one of our techs.

I know this all may seem a bit bland but thats the truth we are proud of it. Realistically we understand that not every client will be satisfied with our services…so we encourage any disappointment, misconception, or aggravation be relayed to our management so we can do our best to resolve an issue to convenience you as best we can. In a nutshell, straight from the mouth of the manager here at Empire, we care about YOU! Plain and Simple.



Priel B.

Empire Rug Cleaning