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Sofas, love chairs and other pieces of furniture are in constant use and are regularly exposed to various elements.
If you have children or pets this is increased exponentially, and it is inevitable that your sofas will become dirty or stained. 

Our experts understand that every fabric is different, and are therefore trained to clean your furniture according to its individual needs and fabric type.

Our unique steam cleaning methods will get the toughest stains out while maintaining the quality and beauty.

You can entrust your expensive furniture or sofas to our technicians and rest assured that they will not be damaged and that no unsafe chemicals will be used. Like furniture, mattresses are one of the most commonly used pieces of furniture in your home, and are regularly building up dust mites and other bacterias, along with sweat and regular day to day grime build up.

We will steam clean them and sanitize them using only safe and eco-friendly materials and no harmful chemicals so that they are nice and fresh. Using our professional truck mounted steam cleaning equipment we are also able to clean your curtains.

If you have high quality or heavy duty curtains that you need cleaned we can guarantee our professional and high quality curtain cleaning at our discount rates. We also provide additional discounts on rug cleaning and curtain cleaning if you have your upholstery, mattresses or carpets cleaned by our company.


Empire Rug Cleaning will use our eco-friendly steam cleaning method to rid your furniture of those stains or odors, and get them looking like new.


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